[HCC] Low-Rank Expectations

Honey Comb Cafe - Low-Rank Expectations

Below is a list of the basic expectations of all of the Low Ranks available (Trainee - Senior Cashier). Keep in mind this is a bland guide to what the Honey Comb Cafe expects of Low Ranked employees.

Starter Cashier
At this rank, you would be expected to attend a Training Session to receive a rundown of all information necessary to be granted access to the kitchen and be authorized to serve customers. On the other hand, at the cafe, you should still be showing the customers around the cafe and let them know about our community.

Junior Cashier
At this rank, you’re eligible to start serving customers and access the kitchen. This rank is expected to serve customers to the best of their ability and ask a Senior Cashier+ that is in-game if you have any questions or concerns about the recipe guide. Speaking of which, this rank should start to get the recipes down and start to memorize them.

All staff members at this rank should have a feel of where things are in the kitchen and how to do at least half of the recipes on the recipe guide or more. This rank should always be behind the counters serving customers unless you’re on ‘break’.

Senior Cashier
This is the most important rank of the low ranks. They are expected and responsible for assisting any other lower ranks than them in the kitchen if they ask for help or if they seem to be struggling with a recipe. Other than that, Senior Cashiers should almost have every recipe memorized.

All other expectations and guidance tools that are not listed in this guide will be revised at training sessions.

Guide Authorized by Honey Comb Cafe’s Executives,
Created 8/29/2020

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