[HCC] Primary Handbook

Honey Comb Cafe - Primary Handbook


Greetings! And welcome to Honey Comb Cafe, also known as HCC, we strive for not only professionalism in our staff members but utmost friendliness to everyone around them. We are a small but changing in size every week, cafe group on Roblox. Day by day, Cashiers create exquisite and tasteful drinks for the patrons. And, the Supervisors make sure all of our customers are having the best experience while visiting as possible. This handbook contains all of our primary information that our staff and customers will need to know so their time spent at Honey Comb Cafe is spectacular.


Listed below are links for both customers and staff that are recommended you read through. The links include almost all of the important information that both staff and customers will be required to abide by at all of the Honey Comb Cafe establishments.

Recipe Guide: Document Link

Low-Rank Expectations: Document Link

Senior Cashier Assistance Manual: Document Link

Rank Information: Document Link

Alliance Information: Document Link

Middle Rank Guide: Document Link

High Rank Guide: Document Link

Board Of Directors Expectations: Document Link


We hope that this handbook has helped you get a feel of how Honey Comb Cafe commissions. If you come across any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask any of our benevolent employees.

Handbook Authorized by Honey Comb Cafe’s Executives,
Created 8/24/2020
Last Edited 8/19/2022

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