Health CoreUI is broken

Reproduction Steps
Join any game and get damaged / lose health, or press F9.

Expected Behavior
I expect the Health Core UI to function properly.

Actual Behavior
The health UI does not function at all, including damage overlays.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-11-13 00:11:00 (-01:00)


I am unable to replicate this issue

Tested on iPhone 11, iOS 15.0, Roblox App2.503.338


Issue replicated with sucess.

OS : Win10
Roblox versions :


So im editing this message to add some informations, there are people here having the issue 2/3 of the time. I have the issue every time since this message was posted.


robloxapp-20211113-2340586.wmv (1.1 MB)
^^^ video of me touching a kill brick and it not showing im losing health

Surprised no one’s reported this later, it’s been happening for at least 4 days…

Happens to me though. I can just walk on kb’s but my health doesn’t show at all, so I’ll just die even though it looks like my health is full.


I also am experiencing this bug

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This has happened to me on both a Mid-2011 iMac and an HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 11.


I am experiencing this bug as well even when the health gui is disabled.

I can replicate this. Thought it was one of my scripts.


This is happening to me too. it’s pretty disorienting in fighting games

Couldn’t you still make a Custom Health UI that will function the same as the CoreUI?

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Another issue that I believe this bug causes is a huge delay in Client, mostly UI side, nowadays my UI seems to be delaying then when it appears it all stacks and appears together

I recognised this happening ever since this issue occurred

Another error that might have something to do with this coreUI being broken

Seems to be happening to some specific PCs or operating system, my friend doesn’t seem to experience the delay in UI appearing that I do.


This is happening for some users at our experience. The bug is on and off and appears to be only happening for a selective few as most users when polled are reporting everything is fine when taking damage.

Same warnings on the clientside:

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This bug started happening to my game today. When the bug occurred there was no error code generated in the console logs. When the bug is active, you cannot ‘die’ from losing health & in my case you cannot jump for some reason as well. However since then I have found the root cause (in my game) of this bug and implemented a fix for this. My guess is that this has something to do with the states of the humanoid.

Repo: Change Humanoid State to RunningNoPhysics


Fix: Change Humanoid State to Running if you use the state mentioned above

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I can confirm this issue and that I get the same output as @Ancientblue .

Can confirm, this bug has appeared like 3 times so far in the last 2~ months, and it has appeared long enough now to cause issues in my game since it started 24 hours ago (assumed it would be fixed by now).

As stated by @Painshinratensei just don’t use RunningNoPhysics until it is sorted.

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For me:
These errors have started constantly appearing several days ago, vanished yesterday or the day before yesterday, then reappeared yesterday or today!

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Sometimes, the health bar appears on some days when taking damage. Then the next day, it doesn’t work at all. All I know is that this is a visual bug, so this can be fixed using a custom health bar.

The game I’m working on has these errors every time I play.

This is happening to me and I’ve disabled the core health UI!

I’m using a custom Health UI.

Can confirm.

It happens to me with any game. Testing from an iPhone SE 2nd Gen running iOS 15.1 (client version 2,504.408) and HP OPP computer running Windows 11.

Some console warnings in the clientside: