Hello, Im AuraFr3nzy and Im new to the devforums

Hello, Im AuraFr3nzy

My name is Evan, I prefer you call me Ed tho.
I’m a builder with a couple years of experience. I mostly Build on my alt due to this account meaning everything to me. Id love to join the community and I wish you all a good day


Would love to see some of your builds here

Most of them aren’t done but ill show you something I’m working on right now

(Test to see if links work)

Ooh! That’s very nice. What are you making? C:

This is not an appropriate Portfolio.

Please follow the format for portfolios. You must include examples of your work in the POST, not in a reply to a thread. You must also include your payment options. Please use this post as a reference for your own portfolio: Template for Portfolios

This post belongs here

Thank you ill be reading more rules and what not right now.