Help creating a moving texture

Hello! I was recently playing a game when I stumbled across something interresting. At first hand, I didnt know how to make it and after countless tries, I haven’t been able. So I came to the Dev Forum to ask for some help.
here is the gif: (Big Paintball)
basically im interrested in the moving texture (the circles in the gif).

Thanks in advance!

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Hello! This can be achieved by using Texture Offsets.
To achieve the effect in the gif, animate the OffsetStudsV and OffsetStudsU properties of the Texture object.

Just a heads up, your gif is pretty low quality, which makes it hard to see the dots. I recommend simply recording and embedding the image in your post for easier viewing.

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I’m not a scripter so would you help me by creating a script for it and teaching me what every part does? Thanks!

Unfortunately, the devforum is not a place to simply give out free code for others to use. This may also not be the best category.

The general rundown is that you can use TweenService:Create(), :Play(), etc. to animate the respective properties of the texture object. Check out the devhub (, it contains lots of great information. If you need any more help feel free to post in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

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