Help detect in players in-game region position

I’m making an open world game and I need to be able to detect when a player leaves and enters a position, so I can add Indy there color correction, ei: clear sky’s in the field, green fog in the swamp, but I’m not sure how to detect when the entered and when the left
.Touched events don’t work well, because I need to detect when they enter and leave the location

If I were in your position I would use:

Just personal preference though.


This looks like it would work great! I’ll make sure to try it when I get the time

So simply an example:

--this is in my server script service

local Zone = require(ServerStorage.Zone) --Zone v2 module location

local zoneGroup1 = -- I am not sure why I set it to a folder I suggest looking at documentation, but within the folder I have a singular part for detection, a block covering the section of space I want to detect
--A model could work as well I think, experiment

local zone1 = -- determine it as a Zone within zone module.

--whatever u want when player enters the area

--whatever u want when player leaves the area

Just an example, theres more functions associated with the module but I have not needed to delve any further than this for my own use.