Help for my game visits

Hello! I am the dev of ‘‘Atlanta Georgia:Remade’’ I released the game yesterday, and all people enter say like: Wow cool, Ill like… And things like that but, I don’t know how to make people play my game, I hard worked on the game, and no one plays it, please, If u know some method of make people play my game reply this message ( And no, I don’t got robux for make ads )

If u wanna check the game :

Unless you don’t already have a large following to promote your game, there’s pretty much no other way to get your game out there without spending Robux.

You’re not necessarily tied down to running ads - there are other options such as sponsoring or getting a YouTuber to play your game. Ads are the best option, so if you haven’t got Robux, there’s not a lot you can do.

There are multiple posts on here regarding advertising a game, so if you have a look via the search bar some of those posts should give you more guidance.


I got 500 robux of pending sales robux, but IDK what is better, AD or Sponsor… ( my game type is robanger )

I believe ads attract more players than sponsors.

You’ll likely need a lot more than 500R$ for your advert to gain more impressions. You need decent GFX (thumbnails, icons) in addition to appealing adverts so people actually play your game should they click on an ad.

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Firstly, make the game interesting that would make a player play it again and attract more players to play your game. Second, maybe try sharing it to social media sites such as twitter, facebook, youtube and many more because sometimes it may attract people that plays roblox within all social media platforms. Lastly, do your best to make popular players on roblox or outside from roblox play your game. This is all i can advice when you don’t have robux :slight_smile:

You can make free ads… Using an unconventional method of free models. Saw some groups do that successfully, too. Basically stick a logo on a part, put a thumbnail camera on it and release it with a name that is the most searched for on the library. I even saw one of those ads be recommended to me too.

I alredy do all :frowning: But no one plays!!

Do it is called virus model? No! My game will be bad reputation!

I don’t know if it’s a virus model, though it would be pointless, it’s just an Ad.

Doing that is probably one of the worst methods of advertising - it would generate very few impressions and nobody would show any interest in the game whatsoever.

Generally, your main options for advertising are as follows:

  • Advertising - proper advertising, where you bid R$ to get a greater number of impressions.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Paying an influencer to promote a game.

@Holis640 - This post might be of some extra use to you:

If there is absolutely no possible way for you to get Robux (even though there likely is), the only thing I could suggest is to gather a large group of friends and have them all play your game simultaneously, hoping it pushes the game up in the recommendations so other people join. However, I still strongly advise against this because it’d likely be a waste of your time, considering how much organisation this would require for such inefficiency. There’s no guarantee it’d even work, either.

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Obiously, that is true - it is one of the worst methods of advertising, however, it is a free method. As Holis said previously, he has no robux, so one of his “best” available ads would unfortunately be what I’ve just presented. Also, it isn’t quite inefficient, if you have a group logo, you can just paste it down a brick, make a thumbnailcamera point at it, then publish it - 60 seconds max.

U are literally say is better virus models for innocent people for make profit to ur game?? Thats not cool

Do you know what a virus model is?

Yes, the a bunch of type, re-send u to other game it is too a virus…

A brick with a decal does not teleport people to other games. A brick with a decal does not slow down a game. A brick with a decal is not a virus, it is not a virus model. Please get your definitions correct.

Still, that is a bad way to advertise. No one will click on their game because of a free model with a thumbnail camera. They would just question it. They’re better off finding someone who can pay for ads, like TheDevKing. Each Saturday he does a “Shark Tank” stream where we pays for ads for some games.
Making a free model like that will not help Holis at all. Even if it does, they won’t have any concurrent players.

I agree that this is a terrible way to advertise, however, I beg to differ about the “Nobody will click their game” part. Like that game I mentioned is still alive [barely], possibly thanks to the influence of said free model. I do not argue that this is ethnically good. I argue that this is one of the best free options to advertise, key word: “free” options, not all.

That’s still not a good way, very few people would click it.
Like I said, he would honestly be better going on TheDevKing’s “RoTank” and trying to get one of them to invest for him.

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