Help! Lots of my images have been corrupted!

I’d like to find out if there is a more efficient way than just replacing all the pictures by reuploading them

A lot of my images have decided to randomly corrupt themselves, and I’m not sure why.

Replacing the pictures by reuploading them is a solution to this problem. (I hope)

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Hi, in terms of bulk uploading I would for example use some form of scripting (outside of roblox) like a JSON or Python script which would allow the code to go into your files to a specific area where all the image files would be and then re-upload them using the Image uploader on Roblox.

Not sure as to whether there is a better alternative or any Roblox cap limit on Decals per day.

Also I think Roblox is having some issues with Images at the moment since when I uploaded mine, it came out like this:

Quite not what I originally wanted.

I would be patient for a couple of days to see whether it’s just a Roblox side issue or whether you may need to of course redo it all. In which case I wish you the best of luck.


Either way, i’m going to try out something and see if it fixes anything, if it does i’ll tell the method.

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Here is a Bug Report that likely relates to the issues described in this thread.


I’ve also had problems with decals, but I did not get a message saying it was corrupted.

Somehow, there was another decal ID that was the untouched decal(for me). I got this by putting the ID in an ImageLabel in Studio, and somehow the link changed to the ID with the good file. Edit 2: Here is the fine version. It does not show up in my inventory or through the my decals tab.

Here is what I got for the bad one.

It even shows up differently on the tab with the decals I created. I wanted a White circle with black border with a black A inside it, but one version turned some stuff green.
EDIT: I also forgot to mention that for one of the decals the Font of the A was altered.

This corruption only happened with the white decals, but I’ve had to use the second ID for the decals I was using.

Not sure if this will fix it, but that’s how I got over this problem.


Can you view the photos in File Explorer?

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