Uploaded images often render corrupted on website

About half of the decals I upload are completely unrecognizable or corrupted from the original upload on their library page.

A few examples of these corrupted decals are shown below:

It seems like this started happening when this was posted: (July 24th)

Despite rendering improperly on the website, the images seem to be loading just fine in the engine.

I’m unable to provide reproduction steps as it seems mostly random which images get “corrupted”, but it’s an annoyance that’s been happening for a while now so I decided to make a bug report anyways and see if anyone else was able to provide reliable reproduction steps.


I don’t think my cards are suppose to look like this.

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Hey developers - so sorry it took us a long time to get to your report! We’re currently looking into this but please let us know if this is no longer an issue for you.

In the meantime, please check out this topic related to your issue in case the community has any workarounds. Roblox image asset previews are broken


Its still an issue. Some extra info is that this is only for decals, it you upload for instance anything else, like even a Module, if you check on create.roblox.com where it shows those images, it loads completely fine. Anything that I upload as a decal continues to be an issue and get corrupted on the website; It might just be because it’s a transparent image.

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