Help making Skis?

Hi, I’m making a skiing game and I am currently stuck on how I would make the skis.

Most of the skis I’ve found on roblox studio are ether requiring R6 charatcers, or are just buggy doing flips randomly or are hard to use (link to old skis - NewSkis v1.5 - Roblox). I found a game that has what I’ve been trying to make (Pine Hill Ski Resort - Roblox. Here are some photos of the Pine Hill skis (the good skis):

I’ve tried other things like tool-box skis, but they all use seats or are tools and if you’ve ever been skiing before you would know that you have to sit down on the chairlift. I’ve looked at welding the skis to the players feat and then using bodyforce to make the player move, but I’ve found that confusing.

I hope I’m not asking for to much, but thanks for the help. F311ix


I think I would try using an invisible sphere with a vector force, then manually update the character’s cframe to follow it. That will allow for that frictionless movement down the slopes. You can use the vector force to slow the sphere down to a max speed if needed.

Check out x_o’s Bmx system. It’s uncopylocked and uses the invisible sphere method.

Probably the best way is to make a custom controller for the skis. Skis are in fact a completely different mode of transport.

I have thought of two ways you can do this.

You could actually get the physics engine to mimic the skis physics by setting the friction of the skis and the friction of the ground to 0.
For Steering you could add a VectorForce which will act on the front of the character pushing it to the left or to the right.
For the skis griping into the snow you could change the friction with the speed that the character.

Alternatively you can make a frictionless part and calculate all of the physics and forces acting on a skier when traveling down a hill. Some of the forces you might want to consider is the carving force when the skier carves into the snow, the gravity force. you don’t really want to have to fight gravity if you are calculating the forces and the force that stops the skis from slipping in the snow. I found an article you may want to look at depending on how you are going to do it.

Hi there F311ix,

I just released NewSkis v2.0, this hopefully should be exactly what you’re looking for.

Let me know if there’s any additions that can make these better suited towards what you’re looking for.