HElp me My ads credits removed ALL

This is not grapic issue

cuz of bug which makes extreme few impressions, I spent only 20 credits.
As this image, 20 credits should be remained at least, BUT ALL GONE TODAY

m the one who experiencing bug of ads manager for 1 week

I sent message roblox support and bug team in here about it almost 1 week ago, but nobody answering…
I had 40 credits actually so my 11,400 robux gone dam

Anyone experiencing like this delete and bug? they not answering even about the bug and I need to wait for answer about this delete for another 1 week again

Pls I need help about it

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Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone in the forum can really do. You just have to cross your fingers and hope Roblox support can help, I understand that a week is a long time to wait for a reply and as such a big company their support system should really be much better, however from experience I have had to wait almost 2 weeks for a response before. It’s really inconsistent with their response times, sometimes it can be as little as a few hours, other times it can take more than a week.

I wish you the best of look with getting your money back, in general from what I’ve seen people are pretty opposed to the new Ads Manager.


Then whoever got their answer about bug of ads manager?
I saw some people who experiencing bug but no one of them got the roblox’s answer yet
Will it be just accident?

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