(Help) Need İdea For Builds

Guys I want make a build but I can’t decide what can I do please give me an idea for builds

what are you gonna use the builds for ?
or is it just for practice ?

only for practice I want be a good builder

Watch YouTube or go outside, that’s what I do. Look at things outside and be like, “oh, I can make that in Roblox”.

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Make a Town similar to da hood and criminality. Obviously depending on your work needs and other stuff then you can do it much more downscaled.

My reason for this is because you learn the skills of applying different styles to different buildings. This is an essential skills because you want to have the ability to create anything and do it well.

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Consider using the search function, there has been countless of threads related on this question previously and recently. Brainstorm ideas and place them on a piece of paper to use when you lack on what to create to help improve your building skills.

If you can’t find what to build, try viewing sites and gather inspiration something to practice your skills on ect, you could even narrow it down to what interests you or things you enjoy creating. No need to go further since there are other threads already pertaining to this specific question and answers/ information included.

I think good building practice is to make your house of apartment in studio. It might be better than doing other things because you are so used to your house and can just make it quickly and with all the detail you want.

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