Help needed at making a historical game

Hello! I am planning on making a strategical historical game based on the Napoleonic Wars and 1700s and I have multiple questions that are about on how am I supposed to make it.

First question I have:

Is making a game like this even worth making? I do have a team ready to cooperate with me, but it would take a lot of time and we would maybe even abandon it in the middle of making it.

Second question I have is:

Is having battles (like in Total War games) even worth doing? It would degrade the performance by a lot. I was thinking on maybe making 10 to 20 different maps that would be different by their terrain, climate and etc. (So pretty much depending on the terrain on the map of the campaign you are doing it at.)

Third question:

How would I be able to optimize the game after it was published? The game would obviously, when doing battles, most probably lag out for players that have bad PCs. Is making a settings bar that would let you change lighting options client-side a good option, considering that we want to make the game realistic?

Any help would be really good to see! Thanks in advance! :grin:

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I would recommend developing it until future lighting phase 3 releases (It is awesome and would fit a game like this.) I do think it is worth it if you stick with it. I would recommend having some kind of system that can generate the maps instead of having them pre-made to save memory/storage if they are big, so like make some preset buildings, and link it up with terrain generation using smooth terrain, and you can even choose if you want terrain palettes and etc.

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The last question: to optimize the game convert a lot of assets you make into meshes to reduce the number of parts in the game.