Help needed with making a MiniMap Gui with terrain support

Recently, I found this cool map rendering system RoRender and I wanna know how to implement this into a minimap gui.

So far I’ve been playing around with ViewpointFrames, but I have gotten stuck even finding out how to begin.

Could someone help me out please?

If I did anything wrong in making this post, PLEASE let me know as I am relatively new to the DevFourm!

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Will do. Thanks a TON for the help!

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As a follow up, I do not have the personal time to wait 90+ minutes to render the image using the method above.

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That just the original version of what would be come RoRender. A lot of the legacy code from that original project is still inside RoRender. The purpose of RoRender was to make that complicated looking tool more user friendly.

So essentially all you did was link an older version of RoRender… That would not help this developer implement a working minimap.

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