Help on a Chassis

Right, If I send someone my model of my jeep can you get it to move for me I’m not sure on what to do.

I really hope someone can help get it driving and moving for me.
would help big time.
It starts but doesn’t move.


You can use a constraint chassis:

Good thing I always save resources somewhere in my pockets. The rest involves with UserInputService and some LocalScript to work with the vehicle and network ownership.

Idk, mine runs on a6 at the moment but if someone can take a look at it it would help a lot.

The Scripting Support category is not a place to ask for code, so this isn’t really an appropriate question. On the other hand, you could ask for directions on what items to use to make a car move.

That being said, considering your thread contains vague information, it’s not easy to know what you already have and what you’ve already tried. Please provide more information so we can help you.