[Update] Constraint Chassis


Hi , I heard a lot of people have trouble with making constraint vehicles so i made this open sourced Chassis

The Chassis Includes

  1. Suspension


  1. Mobile Support (Which means the controls are on point with the user’s input) Make sure to use the new Dynamic Thumbstick for this to work properly


  1. Configurations ( You can change them in real time)


  1. It automatically sets networkownerships


  1. Automatic Welding ( You can put a Custom Body inside the Body under the Model and they will be welded , put tires or rims under the Wheel and they will also be welded)

And the chassis is more organized.

Place File

ConstraintChassis.rbxl (21.4 KB)

If you have any problems with it feel free to DM me on Discord Fahed#8216

And thats it


Cool. Covers the basics of using contraints for vechicles. P.S maybe put all the constraints into a folder and make it slightly more organized? Such as making a folder like for the body and wheels.


Thanks - this is helpful


yea i just made an update and put all the constraints inside a folder


chief, this is it.

thanks man nice contribution


Where have you been :heart_eyes:


Awesome! Well made!


Very nice @Fahedgt5


Stole my thunder. That’s fine, I’ll just add in some fancy scriptable features.


No, he stole my thunder, and only I can do that.

On a serious note, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this for a while, and you’ve brought it to me. This will be really useful in my games.


I’ll be releasing my own version soon featuring some nice features, including emulation of controlled body roll and so on.


Thank you Fahed, very cool!


Nice work!
Was there a reason you used a Prismatic and a hinge rather than the CylindircalConstraint? It’s a combination of the two!


For these systems you really need a Prismatic and two hinges. I got away with a single prismatic and a hinge per wheel in mine because I use rotating the attachments to steer. I hate cylindricals btw, they are so unwieldy to work with, even in Explorer.


I used prismatic constraints to move the spring constraints in one axis


This. Is. Amazing. I have little experience with vehicles on Roblox, so this will definitely be helpful. Thanks!

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