Help On Advanced Terrain

Hello, today I tried to do advanced terrain! Don’t mind the trees and decor, I just need some help and feedback on how I did the terrain :blush:


Overall, I love it, but I think it needs some changes

My suggestions are:

And that’s it, I’m sure these suggestions will make your terrain look much nicer!

Hope you have a great day in the DevForum Community! :grinning:


Grass doesn’t grow like that, you should change it up a bit, there’s a neat trick where you make it fall over the edges to give it that nice effect. Such terrain is rarely flat, perhaps try tilting some of the parts.

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Not much to be said since you duplicated the part and added around creating elevation. I would perhaps change the top terrain to help create more depth like for example lower it down so you’ll be able to walk on it smoothly perhaps lower the bottom terrain creating more depth to it or include dirt area just to make it more realistic in sorting way.

At the moment it looks decent I think what you should do here is change up the terrain formation looking at real life terrain created in a software you’ll see the terrain parts don’t feature similar identical parts. Change it up a bit to look more realistic experiment with different selection.



Looks promising but that terrain just doesn’t go with decal realistic grass it goes with 3d made roblox grass which can be realistic depending on your building skills. Also don’t stop there continue to further smoothen the terrain until you can’t tell where the polygons begin or end

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You’re missing the detail real life terrain have. Bumps, out curves and that kind of stuff. Right now, it’s too flat.

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I’m going for simple advanced terrain, nothing too realistic! :smiley: