Help recreating an effect

Hi developers!

I’m working on a pretty neat place, and a developer wanted to see if I could recreate an effect for when the game ended. I got pretty far into recreating it for the most part, but got stuck on something. Making the lighting incredibly dark. Here’s what I’m talking about:

I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to achieve this effect, trying fog and ColorCorrection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Does the game have an Atmosphere property in the Lighting and if it does have you tried using the Glare & Haze values?


Tried messing around with Glare and Haze and couldn’t really get anything out of it.


Maybe some sort of general light could work?

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that looks like a highlight

the effect was made somewhere around 2 years ago, so im really doubting its a highlight since it also affects billboard guis and chat messages

That sounds like a lighting error then.

Can you send a picture of what the effect is meant to look like?

they probably set the text color of billboards and use magnitude for distance to find objects in the background. not entirely sure but that’s how I would try to recreate it

What I sent above is what the effect is meant to look like.

The only times I’ve seen random objects glow white like that is because the lighting hasn’t rendered fully yet.

If you go here and skip to 2:53, you can see the whole effect.

I’ve got the white background done, I’m just troubled on the black part.

I don’t know how you would do that to be honest.

Also, this was a great idea and just recently tried it but the highlight overrides the fog effect.

Maybe a black light with a sudden end or something?

try to make the black part material neon and color really black

That likely uses a light with a negative color property, a weird yet effective lighting bug.

Just tried it, light didnt emit.

If this helps, here’s the current progress: