Help Scaling Gui

So my game has a shop, and last night I noticed that it was sort of covering wayyyy too much of the screen on smaller devices. I went through the grueling process of transferring everything from Offset combined with Scale to just Scale alone. This resulted in the gui now being stretched to correctly fit the screen on both the Y and X axis. So if someone makes their window long and short, the gui stretches out. But I want it to ONLY stretch on the X axis, and then just base the Y axis off of it. So sort of like the width of the screen is priority. I do NOT want this to be done using OFFSET on the Y Axis, because that would cause the GUI to always be the same height, when it should be based on the width instead. (I’m doing this mainly because I want the pictures in the gui to remain square)

When your GUI was initially using offset, you could have used the UI scale constraint to scale the UI down or up based on a device’s resolution.

This may help I think? Didn’t really get the question but hopefully this helps.

But this may help then:

EDIT: Plugin converts elements from offset to scale and if you want, scale to offset. It also automatically adds AspectRatio that fits with the element.

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Hey Samson, sent you a discord message if you’re interested to know more.