Help with AnalyticsService

Recently I found the service called AnalyticsService. And It seems like got open to everyone after playFab closed. I read the below doc and send events both funnel and economy from studio, player too.
Docs about AnalyticsService

The docs says once send event, a tab under the place Analytics in Dashboard unlocked.
However, I couldn’t see anything on there even it has taken 24 hours since send events.

Does anyone know how to use AnalyticsService correctly or the status of this service?(Not working?)

Thank you in advance!

24/6/2024 Added Bug tag, nothing showing up since last week.


I would also like to know the status of this service


Same here. I implemented it like said in the Documentation, and I’m getting no errors. However the tabs are just not showing up.
Is AnalyticsService supposed to work already or not? If not then it would help to have a disclaimer on the Documentation page.

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I also had this problem and I saw that it was a bug so I wrote this in the bug report

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I haven’t been authorized to post bug report yet, so thank you!!

Let’s see how Roblox resoponse…

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Never mind. We seem to be running too fast. It it officially relased.