Analytics: Track funnel and economy events to grow your experience faster

Hi creators,

Today, we’re excited to launch new Economy and Funnel event analytics to help you grow your experience faster. Simply add a few lines of code to unlock new dashboards for:

  1. Economy events to track how users gain (source) and spend (sink) currency and resources.
  2. Funnel events to understand where users drop off in your onboarding, shop, and other funnels.

We’ve been running a beta and creators are already using them to take action:

  • “By monitoring my economy graphs, I realized that there wasn’t enough incentive for users to spend our currency. So I added more sinks to balance my economy.”
  • “Funnels have been great - I’ve been using them to test new features and streamline our new user onboarding.”

These events can also be segmented by age, gender, platform, OS, and up to three custom fields. Read on to learn how to unlock these dashboards to help you find more ways to grow your experience.

Balance your economy to grow monetization

The economy dashboard lets you track your economy, such as:

  1. Top sinks: What do users spend resources (e.g., coins, experience points) on?
  2. Top sources: Where do users earn resources from?
  3. Average wallet balance: How many resources are users holding?

For example, the top sources and sinks chart below shows that your net total (sources - sinks) is growing. Given this data, you might want to add more sinks to balance your economy and grow your revenue.

Read our economy events guide for more use cases and code samples.

Optimize your funnels to grow retention, engagement, and more

The funnels dashboard lets you track how users progress in your experience, such as:

  1. Onboarding: Where do users drop off after joining your experience?
  2. Progression: Where do users stop advancing through your experience?
  3. Shop: Where do users abandon purchases?

For example, the onboarding funnel below shows that the largest drop-off is in step 2 “Plant seed.” Given this data, you may want to optimize this step to improve your new user engagement and retention.

Read our funnel events guide for more use cases and code samples.

How to track and verify Economy and Funnel events

To unlock your Economy and Funnel dashboards:

  1. Read our Economy and Funnel guides to learn how to track the events in your experience.
  2. Validate your tracking by using the View Events tool on the Economy and Funnel pages to check the most recent events fired and your Error Report to troubleshoot any issues.
  3. If you instrumented the events correctly, the charts should show up within 24 hours.

You can also read our Event Types and AnalyticsService API documentation for more information.

Optimize your economy and funnels live stream on July 24th

We’re going to be hosting a live stream on Wednesday, July 24th at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET in which we’ll walk through how to use economy and funnel events.

We hope to see you there and let us know if you have any questions in the replies!


Is there a maximum number of events per day to use these analytics?

I am tracking Economy and Funnel events but don’t see any charts.

  • The charts can take up to 24 hours to show up after you add tracking. In the meantime, you should validate your event tracking by using the View Event tool.

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That’s 100% useful when it comes to tracking data from ingame, thank you.
In the mean time will there be an option to clear all previously stored data for example after an update?


This is amazing, having this built into the platform instead of using my own spaghetti code or third party applications will be a huge QOL life change for many developers!


This looks super powerful! Excited to look at this in depth.


Can’t wait to see where this goes in the future, it’s a fantastic foundation!


Wow this is incredible, I cannot tell you how helpful this is going to be for our team.


Great update! The Analytics team has been killing it :muscle:


This is great, and I think a step forward in getting developers who have not used them in the past to use Analytics to further improve their experiences and understand fall-off points for users.

I do have a question though, in the future, will we be able to create our own categories, or will we be limited to Economy and Funnel sorts?


Wow! That’s awesome!
I used to track some economy analytics with the DataStoreService which worked well but also used up a good portion of my read and write limits.
Glad to see this update!


This is awesome! I will definitely be integrating this in my game. Getting features like these are reasons why I’m still hopeful for Roblox’s future!


Lets goo!!! Finally we have a built in custom analytics feature. I’ve been waiting years for this :smiley:


A great replacement for GameAnalytics (which barely worked anyway)


This is incredible! Thanks so much for all this dedication and love for analytics!

Since Roblox Analytics are simply the most reliable, are OpenCloud endpoints planned?

Also, while you’re at it, are you looking to implement dislikes as a graph? Combined with onboarding funnels, it’ll make it easier to understand the biggest pain points.


Super useful feature and I’m glad we’ve gotten an in-house version of these features, can’t wait to see what comes next


Goodbye GameAnalytics, hello W Roblox updates :heart_eyes:


Very nice update! Actually, I thought this already existed, but it turns out you guys just wrote in the roblox document before the announcement.

So I think this has now been fixed;


We participated in the beta for this for Super Skyward Towers. This feature has been invaluable to us, as it has been helping us understand our players better. We’ve begun making fundamental design changes to the game in response to the data the funnels generated.


What happens if you exceed 10 Resource Types? Can you remove the resource type from the analytics if you exceed them?


Curious to how long it took for the entries to start showing up on the dashboard, currently been around 30-40 minutes since we’ve implemented into a game, and still see nothing on the dashboard yet except the

" Improve your in-experience funnels

Add funnel events to unlock this dashboard:

  • Onboarding: Where do users drop off during onboarding?
  • Progression: Where do users stop advancing?
  • Shop: Where do users abandon purchases?"