Help with animation (activated with tool) going into head

I have a problem with an animation (specifically a drinking animation). When you drink it, the cup goes “into your head” which is not what I wanted it to do. I was sold this by someone a while back and they didn’t know how to solve it and I ignored it for a while because I just decided it was minor but now it’s beginning to bug me.

Here is what it looks like:

The solutions I’ve tried so far are looking around for information on the forum, websites and other places to find the best way to fix it but no one seems to have a fix (as far as I could see).

Disclaimer: I’m not an animator so I’ll try my best to understand anything related to that.



Animating isn’t hard at all, just make sure you have this and this plugin.

Where to start

Create something, then group what you have created. Insert a Humanoid to the grouped model. Use the joint-editor plugin and create which joints you want. Then use the animation-creator plugin and create your joints.

Numbered List
  1. Create something using multiple parts
  2. Group all the parts together into one model
  3. Insert a Humanoid in the grouped model
  4. Start creating joints with the joint-editor plugin
  5. Use the animation plugin to create the animation

Feel free to edit the joints, as the plugin allows you to easily manipulate joints.

How to stop this error

As I’m not exactly sure, I can suggest this video here:

Make sure you skip to 1:51 - 2:36, basically that portion of the video tells you where to locate a joint at its bending location. Also feel free to watch the whole video, it helps with animating.

Possible solution

Make sure to make the joints bend at the center of the bending position.

This may also be how the regular Robloxian’s arm is short, thus it cannot bend that long. In conclusion, this may be an error with animating, or you haven’t centered the bending join in its bending position. That isn’t a hard fix, however. Remember to take possible solutions from other users.

Good luck,


Thanks for the response. I’ll try following your tips, thanks!