Rigging a Monster for Animation

Hello. I recently rigged a monster type thing for animation (I’m not the one animating). This is my first time rigging something, and want to know how I did, and how I could improve and possibly make it easier on the animator. Below I’ll show some screenshots of the monster, as well as all of the joints. (I might not have even done it right)



Yes I know it’s missing RightFrontHand, that’s there but my Explorer cut it off.


NOTE: I did not make this model.

Did you create the skeleton rig for it? If yes, can you please show it to us? Would be easier to tell you what have you done wrong.

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I think you should show us the animation itself. Firstly, make sure you have this animation plugin.

There is an easy way to create non-human character animations. Follow the numbered list below for more instructions:

Numbered List
  1. Create your non-human creation
  2. Group all the parts together
  3. Insert a Humanoid
  4. Insert joints/rigs with this plugin
  5. Animate your creature

The plugin makes it very easy to manipulate joints.

One common mistake is how people don’t know how to make an animation bend naturally. Therefore, refer to the video:



This video explains how to use the plugin, and how to naturally bend joints/rigs. I recommend watching it all.

Just know that showing us models in the Explorer doesn’t help too much. Be aware of that.



Hope this helped,