Help with creating a skybox

Hi, I am trying to make a realistic skybox; however, I do not know how to make a skybox.
I would like some tutorials to make a skybox. Thank you!

Maybe try using Atmos - professional skyboxes and lighting

If you can’t make custom textures, there’s an old method of creating 3d skyboxes you can try 3DSkybox - A way to create more immersive skyboxes for your game

It is very hard to make your own skybox, as I’ve tried countless times. I recommend using this user’s skyboxes he makes free to use for everyone, they’re very high quality and realistic. It’s best to leave custom skyboxes to the hand of professionals.

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Thank you for your help! @motlopoway

Thank you, but I prefer using a plugin or a tutorial. @KKNYGHTT

Hey here tutorial i make few day ago

Thank you for your reply! @so1ehee