Help with exporting blender animation to roblox studio

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Could you help me how to export an animation from blender and import it in roblox studio? Maybe you can do a step by step for me?

The bow rope and the place where you hold it are in separate objects, can this cause problems to export the animation?

This is the animation I want to import into roblox stduio.


  1. Export the model and the rig together as an FBX
  2. Import it into roblox studio using the avatar import
  3. In the animation editor with your model selected
    import the same FBX file you export from step 1 to import you animations
  4. You’re done

Can you tell me if I need to enable or disable any of these options? Because when I export in fbx, the model always appears giant

Nah, you don’t need to adjust any of those except the “selected objects” option which you already have check marked.

The bow came giant, i can make it back to its original size?

You modeled your bow too big in blender. I recommend scaling your bow down in blender and importing a dummy into blender to get the prefect size.

in blender it is normal size. Is there any way I can export as .obj? Because in this format it goes in the right size

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No. OBJ doesn’t export your rig or animations. I would recommend getting this plugin that allows you you scale down your model in Roblox studio without messing up the animations.

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Dont have


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I can’t find the animation resize plugin in the tool box. How did you get the plug-in?


I like setting the “Scale” underneath the Transform tab to something around 0.01, it usually works pretty well.