Help with image clipping via circle image

So I have an image label with an image:

So I want to put a circle / ring on it like so I add a imagelabel in the image label:

And now I want to clip the area the circle contains so that it looks something like this:

Please note that the image in there is a completely new image made into a circle via photoshop.

So I don’t want to head into photoshop and make an image for every image. How would I be able to do something like this?

EDIT: After Roblox introduced UICorner instance, I’ve been able to easily to clip. Another solution is using a module created by boatbomber here.

I recommend you check out this module.


That is very interesting and is definitely a solution but is there a simpler way to do this?

Unfortunately, Roblox currently doesn’t have an easier way to do this (to my knowledge). However, this may change in the (near?) future as a Roblox Staff member has posted about this being on their roadmap in the past.

Ok thank you, I’d assume that “Image Masking” Is what I’m waiting for? Also do you know approximately when the feature may be implemented either through estimation or fact?

I’m not too sure. Border radius and shadows were planned for the end of 2018, but they never came out, so I’m not sure when image masking will.

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