Help with light

hey i made a mesh on blender for fun
its like a star company logo with a yellow star and red text
but the light is not working :frowning:
help plz

Hello Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to Roblox Developer Forums for this matter, as it was created to help developers around the world to connect and give feedback/advice to each other.

To provide you with as much feedback as we possibly can, we would need a little more detail about the issue.

Currently, all we know is:

  • You have created a model which has the look of a company logo with red text, yet the light isn’t working.

Could you provide us with more detail, perhaps screenshots of the model, the things that you have tried, possible causes for the problem and so on.

Thank you!


actualLY no i dont have lol
i suck at blender rlly much

Hello there,

For Blender related questions, I recommend you to take @/Aotrou’s advice.

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your faces are inverted lmao fix the orientation with alt+p iirc thats the command to change their face orientation of the tri

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