Help with making equipable boost giving boots

Hi Devs,

I need help making some boots.

What I want to make

I want to make boots so when you click them you wear them. I want them to grant extra speed and jump power and a disable button for both so you can disable which ever one of the boosts and them them back on later.

How I positioned them

I grouped each individual boot and named the left one boot(left), and the right one boot(right). Then I grouped both and called it boots. Here is a picture.

How it looks
Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 11.09.04 AM

Position(Inside explorer)

thanks for reading! You can ask for anything for you to be able to help me!


You could utilise accessories to have the boots joined to the player’s character.


to be honest I don’t know much about roblox studio so I don’t really understand.

I actually thought doing the same with my future game coming out, I thought welding the boots to the players lower legs and setting their foot transparency to 1 would work


can you probably show me?


I didnt actually do it myself, apart from the equippable “boots” slot on my game:

I knew my scripting abilities would be limited, so you might be better off with @HexToast post

You can look at the foot attachments inside a character and then create an accessory based on the names of those attachments, where the accessory would contain a ‘Handle’ with an attachment with the name of the attachment found inside the character’s foot.


can you show me a video because I’m a bit confused.


Here is a post that explains how accessories can be used, you can do the same with the foot attachments so the are joined to the feet

Ok I looked at it. Im doing the first part where he adds the accessory and the handle. Did I do it right?
Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 11.48.12 AM

should I union the handle? Im making two boots so I’m not totally sure.

You need to have the handle as a base part, so like a mesh, union or part, and have 2 accessories for each of the boots

since I’m making a boot its using two boots. How should do it then?

2 accessories so the boots can move independently of each other

oh ok. So I just make them separate.

Correct, one for left foot and one for right foot

hey ummm. When I unioned them it took away the image and its neon look.

Making a union applies one material to all of the parts in the part operation, so I think exporting and reimporting as a mesh would be better

oh. how do I make it a mesh? I cant use blender due to my computer not having the storage for it. Also its not the right one.

You can right click the boot model then click the export selection button

This is what it looks like. Should I click save?