Help With Making Motor6D Follow A Player [UNSOLVED]

I making a trying yo make a follow spotlight that tracks/follows players. I am using motor6D, but I am not sure on how to do the maths to pan and tilt the head/beam to face the player. I am open for suggestions.

I ran a quick test and this is a proof of concept, I hardcoded my username but you could change it to look for the closest person.
I didn’t implement my own math, I just used CFrame.lookAt()
I guess you could also just set the CFrame for the turret itself too

local motor = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Motor6D")
local plr = workspace:WaitForChild(USERNAME) -- PoC, just add your username
local hrp = plr:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart")

while wait() do
  local rot = CFrame.lookAt(script.Parent.Position, hrp.Position)
  motor.C1 =,1,0) * rot.Rotation
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I guess this won’t work for this person because it looks like he using 2 motor6d’s for pan and tilt

@Da_Fr0st instead of using Motor6D’s, you can use Hinge Constraints for tilt and pan and just add AlignPosition to character and put it on the tip the turret so it automatically rotate

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Ah, I see, I have a better example place if 2 Motor6Ds are required
motor6dturret.rbxl (33.3 KB)
this uses two motor6ds, although a similar thing could be done with just plain CFrames too

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I would do that but then I cant use any other functions of the beams as it requires motors

This turret is exactly what im trying to do with the beams. When I try it, it breaks the motors, any ideas?

When I try it, it breaks the motors, any ideas?

I’m not sure I understand what breaking the motors means:
Do the motors say Active?
Make sure the turret pieces are not Anchored and also make sure the Motor6D.Part0 and Motor6D.Part1 are correct

You could also use this method for a Motor6D with yaw and pitch

I have never heard of this before, Would you mind explain please if that’s not a problem, because I’m not sure how that would work?

I believe you could theoretically use the CFrame.lookAt() constructor and then use Motor6D:Transform() to position and/or rotate the motor accordingly, though I have a feeling that it’s not that simple due to the distinct differences between “world position” and “relative position” with Attachments.

I don’t work with Motor6D’s myself (mostly because I’ve been using my own tween module’s TweenModel() and Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() as a cheap alternative), so take my advice with a decently-sized grain of salt.

Spotlight Demo.rbxl (37.6 KB)
Here’s a demo spotlight that should do what you want. The script is located at workspace.Spotlight.Script, feel free to adapt it to your needs.

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