Help with Rounded Edges

Are there any faster ways or plugins you guys know of that can automatically round the corners of a part? I feel like I waste too much time trying to create these types of parts. Here is an image of what I’m looking for:


I haven’t used this myself, but I believe this does what you’re looking for:

Unfortunately, that’s an UI plugin. I haven’t seen any other plugin that actually bevels the corner like that. Perhaps someone can create a plugin for that…

Speaking of bevels, maybe this?


I just tried this plugin and it works great. However, it bevels the part in three dimensions using cylinders and spheres. I was more looking for one that bevels it in two dimensions with just cylinders (circles) in the corners of the part.

To add to Operatik’s suggestion, I’ve used the Beveler plugin a number of times and I can confirm it’s great for creating curved edges on parts. Something to keep in mind though is that it will curve every edge of the part. You may be able to adjust this to your liking by deleting the unwanted bevels afterwards.

When using this plugin, I recommend using the Union tool to merge the final product. Sometimes unwanted artefacts will be generated at the intersection of multiple bevels. Using the Union tool should make these less noticeable.

I haven’t come across a plugin that works exclusively in two dimensions but hopefully with this extra info, you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for by adjusting the result of the Beveler plugin.

Why not try making the rounded edges in blender and importing it as a mesh?


I’m unsure why you need a plugin for a process that takes about 5 seconds. You only need to move a cylinder to both sides of the part and move the cylinder down into the part by half it’s length and then copy, resize and move it up by half the cylinder’s length.


You’re right. I was just interested in the possibility that there might be a plugin that could instantly do it.

I would have to agree with AetheriusArtarian, there is no need for a plugin like this. A plugin is more necessary for a 3-dimensional curve part because it takes way longer. I always use the cylinder trick and it works great for me.

If you’re having issues with increments I suggest always using these: 1, .5, .25, .125, .0625, etc.(continuing to divide by 2) This way no matter how small you go it can always go into 1 which makes building much more organized. When a friend told me about it my builds became a lot more clean. I didn’t have 10.248724 here or 16.2522 there.

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If you want a better looking I’d agree with using spheres and cylinders instead of only cylinders. It makes it more rounded.

That takes too much time, when you can only make it on studio in less than 10 seconds. It’s worth it more on Studio than Blender.

Yeah, I guess the whole reason I brought this up was because I was having trouble with increments.

It takes me about 30 seconds to do the whole process. Not sure why it takes so long for you.

Well it would make sense that it might take someone longer if they aren’t as skillful in blender as someone else. Also I agree with Chris as just opening blender, saving the file, and importing the file alone probably takes as long as just doing it in studio.

10 seconds is less than 30 seconds. How is it taking so long for me… I just explained Blender isn’t worth it too.

This post wasn’t for you to undermine developers skills, if you’re going to comment something like this at the very least try to explain your reasoning.

There’s the Beveler plugin, but it also adds spheres to the edges, so I guess you could delete those

Blender is worth it because you can get more optimized meshes out of your models. If this isn’t meant for a variety of people maybe this isn’t your issue but it sure can speed the process up when you only have to make 5 different beveled meshes in blender, import them, and resize them to the sizes you need.

Seriously, resizing meshes works fairly well in Roblox.

It takes a lot less time to do a simppe rounded edge than makong a mesh in studio. Its literally 10-20 seconds for everyone.