Help with: " Your mesh has too many triangles! " error

So, whenever I export my model from Blender to Roblox Studio through a MeshPart, I get this error:


I heard that it’s because my model is too detailed. Well, I’m a very beginner in Blender and I’ve been using it for 6 days only, so my model IS NOT EVEN DETAILED.

So, how can I fix this error?


Roblox has a cap on the amount of triangles a mesh can have.

This post will help you

However you need to downscale the quality.


Downscale the quality?

Is it a must?

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Yes, there’s no reason to have that many tris on a mug. You should collab with YandereDev.


Yes, at the moment that seems to be the only way.


I just edited the triangles number in the model using a Decimate, and yes, there was no need to have many triangles.

I reduced the triangles number and the model didn’t change its look.

Thanks for your help:)


Import it using “Import 3D” on Roblox Studio. Whenever I use that, I can import things with more than 10k triangles. Or you can lower the triangles in blender.
Screenshot (269)


Thank you so much!

I’ll try your solution out!

This simplifies your model in Studio though, so you might not get the result you desire

Then what is the point of being a Roblox modeler, even if you can’t export your model to Roblox Studio with its full detail and quality?

It’s a general thing with game development, and most of the time you can get equivalent detail by using SurfaceAppearence and baked normals

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Decrease the amount of triangles.
The amount of triangles here is absolutely overkill.

If all objects in a game were this detailed it would tank the FPS of even the most powerful computers and your game would be unplayable.

Objects like this don’t even need more than like 100 - 200 triangles, it’s literally a mug.
This object will either end up somewhere on a desk or table where people will barely even look at it.

Objects don’t need that much detail or triangles if they’re just going to be environment props.

Even if this was an item that the player will hold, it would still be absolutely ridiculously overkill to have this many triangles.
No model should ever need that many.

I can give you a bunch of optimization tips if you’re working on an environment or making props, I’m a 3D artist myself and a programmer.
I learned quite some things over the years.


I’m not working on an environment or making props. I stopped working on my obby game because I wanted to start learning 3D Modeling. I’m a very beginner at it and willing to be professional at it someday. I also do some programming, but I have no idea HOW TO PRACTICE PROGRAMMING IN ROBLOX STUDIO. THAT’S WHY I DON’T PROGRAM AS OFTEN AS BEFORE, AND I’M NOW FOCUSING ON 3D MODELING. If you can tell me how can I practice programming, I’d be grateful.

And I appreciate your interesting in giving me optimization tips:)


I know its already been solved, but in the future, try to cut down on the triangles on your models. 75k tris for a mug, respectfully, is ludicrous.