Hexagone! A Game of Territory Conquest

As of late, I’ve been working on a modern revamp of one of my favourite strategy games in Roblox, Territory Conquest.

Other than being no more than a replica (although with the voice of you, I’m excited to see what it could transform into), the game’s main distinction is the uniform, hexagonal tiles. The past week has been dedicated to tirelessly fine tuning battle mechanics and a pathfinding system (as you can see here):

There’s currently no AI, and the only AI to exist will probably be simplistic. Current plans are to introduce:

  • Diplomatic features that will allow you to form alliances (and declare war with them, should you wish to do so)
  • Unionising, allowing another player(s) to help control your armies
  • More map renditions (the only one to exist at the moment is Japan)
  • Generals, to give you a sharper edge in battle (they’ll level up, however, will die along with whatever army they exist in, in a losing battle - this will allow another General to spawn at your capital again)
  • Data saving for victories when you want some braggadocio rights

I’ve been contemplating the idea of being able to place structures by consuming troops, much like Risky Strats. A watchtower, to increase your Fog of War visiblity - walls, to create choke points, etc…

The game’s current state isn’t far from playable, so, please bare with me! I’d love any feedback or criticism.


Right now, I’d say it looks simplistic, but just that exact kind of simplistic that’d get real addictive. Looks good!


I’ve decided to attach a few more updates for those of you who are interested!

a wee' changelog

If your support is falling behind, or you simply don’t feel like you can take the tile, you can now retreat troops en route to their goal, or whilst they’re in battle.

The entire map is now traversable with bridges connecting smaller land regions, these can also act as natural choke points.

We’re considering adding region bonuses for troop production (i.e. if you control an entire region, each tile within that region gets a small boost of troops every update).

There’s now a territory counter so you can instil fear into your opponents with your massive kingdom, and last, but not least, troops are now rendered locally!

The fact that you can’t see the battle display on tiles is just a mere bug that I’ve yet to fix!


looks pretty cool at its current state! will this be similar to civ?


I’m not entirely sure yet, the game could go a number of directions from what it’s at right now. I can say that the gameplay will be slowed down a bit, anything you see now is sped up for debugging and what not.

We are planning a number of different units and their respective structures they’ll come from - how they’re generated and built isn’t really confirmed yet.

Do you exchange a number of units to construct a structure on a tile, similar to Risky Strats? Is there a simple simulation of an economy, where you can use money to construct them, and then units from them?

But, suggestions are always welcome!


You did a good job.This is Cool :clap:

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I would play this game in its state right now! I’m interested in where this will end up, since strategy games were always those games that I couldn’t stop playing hours on end. (Civ6, The Battle of Polytopia (my fav)) But, a game like Civ6 would not keep me playing for more than a week because of complexity of it.

I think keeping the game simple to play will open up to more creative ways to play by forcing the user to use what they have and experiment with different mechanics. (w/o getting too overwhelmed)


will there be different land forms?
And i’d like to ask will there some more maps if you can possible do that.

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Could you elaborate a bit on different land forms?

And there will definitely be a wide variety of maps, the current one we’re using is a rendition of Japan.

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By land forms I mean, Like lower elevation and higher elevation on the hexagons.
I’m glad your working on more maps I hope this is a released game one day.

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Believe it or not, the original implementation of the map had varied height elevation - we smoothed it out so it didn’t seem odd when troop entities began to float or descend to reach the target territory.

I can leave my Discord here to invite you all to a community server, if anybody is interested; it’ll just showcase some more frequent and relevant updates, allow you to have one-on-one conversations with myself or my partner about suggestions and so on…


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Id love to see your showcases on the discord hit me up

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If you went above and beyond, you could make a Hearts of Iron kind-of game in Roblox.

Here's a few more little updates since last time.

I sorted out click-and-drag selection now.

There’s also region selection (all territories you own within said region are selected). You can hold ctrl to view the territories within the region, and confirm the selection by clicking.

This is a really early prototype for a map creator plugin I’m working on, to speed up the workflow of future maps, and allow players to send in their own submissions.

Again, if anyone is interested in seeing more frequent updates, there’s a link to the Discord in our group.