Hey, I am having issues importing blender models into Roblox. Even after fixing Model Normals

Hello developers!

I have been working on models in Blender for a while, now and it seems like sometimes when I try to import a model into Blender. It has either shading problems or other issues. Even after the fact that I fix all the Face Normals in Blender.

Here is an example for you.

This picture shows what Blender shows me. (With Face orientation.)

But When I import it into Studio, some parts are still not corrected faced when importing it. No I did not change any face orientation. This is how it comes.

And Yes I know you can double-sided the mesh, but when coloring or importing it into a different game. The shading breaks.

Any possible explanation? Or is it just a studio bug I have to deal with?
Or am I missing something? This has only been happening to me recently.


Same issue as:

I’d recommend working on your meshes with backface culling always on

Its not that. I know about Flipped normal issue. But I already flipped the normals before hand. (As shown in first picture.)

This happens when I import it into studio.

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I found the solution to this problem by troubleshooting myself.

The issue is with applying the Scale Inside Blender.

I didn’t apply all transformations in Blender by pressing (Cntrl + A) > Scale

Which led me to be able to see the broken mesh.

Afterward, just recalculate normals by going into edit mode and pressing
(Alt + N > Recalculate Outside.)|

And now when I import it, it works perfectly In Roblox!
No more shading problems or needing to use double-sided meshes!

So now I know to always apply scale to my models before importing them!

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