Hey YOU! Roast My Game!

Hey everyone,

My game has been released for 3-ish months now, which has given me time to polish several things up. I’ve had relatively well feedback from players, but I now want to hear from you!

Roast my game. Be funny with it, honest with it, brutal with it, constructive with it. I just want to hear your thoughts.

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I dislike the music its irritating (the “arcade” one in particular)
The screen shaking is so very extreme
(no offence)

I like the how do you say ( im just gonna try my best lol) models like the buildings man I cant find the words for it


never fear there are settings for both of those :+1: :smiley: thanks though!

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No joke tho the game picture thing when u r looking for it in the discovery is amazing it suits the game immensely

The music can get really annoying after awhile so I just switch it off. Jokes aside, the game is actually pretty good.

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Maybe make the music more quieter by default and less idk, intense?

This game is less thrilling than watching paint dry for 10 hours straight, and that’s saying something.

Overall, your game is pretty nice. I love the theme you made using the studs texture, makes it feel simple yet quite appealing to look at. The disasters are fun, such as random land mines spawning in.

On the other hand, the disasters don’t feel impactful or vigorous enough. I’m not too sure about any specific ideas, but I recommend adding more “spice” to them, if you know what I mean.

Impressive game you’ve created!

Roast? I don’t want to get my account banned for insinuating any of your preferences and choices when making this game.

However, we have played it LOTS and I know EmilyGaming9081 loves this game. But then again she makes poop games, makes bad decisions in life and wouldn’t know quality if it was written on the side of a fish and slapped repeatedly in the face with it.

Jelly beans event made me fear jelly beans.

Buff the beans >:)

Also the arrow barrage is literally a Walmart Imperial Army.

  • Bad aim
  • High damage

Just released my summer update. If you’re a connoisseur of all things summer, go roast it—tell me what i should add and what i should change.

Overall very cool game!
Plate survival games are a classic fun Roblox concept. I really like the UI and execution.

Here are some criticisms/suggestions:

  1. Uniqueness: There are a lot of plate survival games. It’s hard to stand out from the already established ones. What’s your game’s unique-selling-point/hook?

  2. Not enough tools: More tools would help players feel like they have more agency, instead of feeling like they’re standing around waiting to die.

  3. No significant progress / No numbers going up exponentially: Players like numbers that go up exponentially. Not enough significant bragging rights are earnable by spending more time on your game.

Everyone plays games for different reasons. Take all my advice with a grain of salt.

This game is just incredibly bad and I wonder why you even put your time in it, everything here sucks literally, from the mechanics to gameplay and graphics, and talking about the gameplay, it’s boring and probably you would get tired after 15 minutes if not faster, not gonna even mention the dead playerbase, there’s some people playing but it’s just a bunch of kids with physical problems

Of course don’t take that seriously since I was just joking, the gameplay is actually pretty fun, I suck at it but it’s great, the sound and UI design is well made, I found that game more fun that most of the games that you often find on the front page, it also looks like you update it a lot so players won’t get bored and I’m pretty sure you’ll get bigger playerbase as you deserve it

I see you took the music from Cave Story, and didn’t even credit it.
The game is pretty big, so you should hire someone or make the music yourself
since I think it’s copyrighted. (Maybe you credited, I didn’t see it though.)