Solo-dev ambitious 2-year project, now released

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:star: Background:

average plate gaem is a game in which I have worked on solo for the past two years. All related programming, artwork, building, etc, is done by me. It was my first actual project that I have worked on in Roblox, and my first programming experience. Although it had bumpy beginnings, I still strived to make it the best I could.

:scroll: About:

a game where you spawn on your very own plate and survive very normal disasters. what could go wrong?

average plate gaem features several core aspects, but at its very core, you are given your own platform, which throughout the round, will randomly be affected by “events.” Events range from mini disasters to large arena-based events: for example, a “meteor” event, which simply summons a meteor over a plate, to a “space” event, where players are urged to grab a space helmet before it is too late. Currently, there are 100+ events. Every game has a difficulty ranging from 1.0-5.0. Difficulty affects how quickly events happen at a time. It increments by small amounts, until it reaches difficulty 5.0, the hardest of them all. From there, it will reset back to 1.0 and the increment will start over again.

:sunrise_over_mountains: Modes, Maps, and Modifiers:

The game offers several different ways to play. average plate gaem has several unique maps with different mechanics: for example, the “trains” map features two runaway trains, and the “volcano” map erupts in a massive blaze of lava and fire every so often. Both modes, Classic and Baseplate, feature their own unique maps.

Modifiers are like events, but they last the entire game (or at least the very beginning of it), and how many may be featured in a single game depends on the difficulty of the game. Some modifiers include “rising lava,” “apocalypse,” and more. (2) (4)

:moneybag: Crates:

Crates can be purchased through the shop for a variety of prices, and they drop accessories and powers. (1)

:zap: Powers:

Powers are permanent unlocks which can be used in-game with “power juice.” Power juice is slowly accumulated over time during a game. Powers vary in juice cost according to how much of an effect it makes. (3)

:tophat: Accessories:

There are several different types of cosmetic accessories, which do several different things:

  • Titles
    Appear in chat and in the player’s nameplate.
  • Trails
    Trails which follow a player
  • Particles / Auras (not yet available)
    Particles which surround a player
  • Voices (not yet available)
    Changes the player’s chat voice.

:space_invader: Solo and Multiplayer:

This game offers a Solo mode for servers with no players. This makes it easier to test the game, without needing several players within the game at a time. Multiplayer offers plenty of benefits however, which is why it can be preferred. Private servers are free, so that people may have a choice.


:newspaper: Web-based News:

The game features a web-based news system, which is used to communicate to the playerbase of updates, announcements, and more. The interface features a way to attach images, and allows for people to maximize the content of any article. This allows for easy accessibility, and allows further engagement to people who may not have access to external news sources such as Discord.

:camera: Gallery

:thinking: In Conclusion:

The creation of this game has marked an important chapter in my life that sparked my interest in programming as a whole. My request for those who may be reading this, is to test out the game, to try it out and find any bugs, as well as relay feedback or feature requests, so I can make it the best as possible. Thank you!

:video_game: Game Link
:speech_balloon: Discord


This looks INSANE!

From the pictures, it looks so good, it kind of reminds me of lab experiment if you know what that is

The only thing I recommend is the badge images be changed

10/10 good job


This game is incredible! Please advertise it so it’s more active.


This gives me courage haha. I was gonna make a game but I thought why not upgrade my skills first, I wanted to start making small projects and make big games later. But now I think I might start a big side project. And the game looks awesome! I will try it out tomorrow as it’s night in my timezone right now.

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This is a really good game, although it has already been done (arguably better) by Lab Experiment. Good luck competing with them :grimacing:

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Well designed game! The ui is very unique and fits with the games theme. The game gives a classic vibe (especially with the og jump noise) while delivering a modern feel to it. I did not much have time to play but will def check more of it later. This has lots of potential and as others said you should definitely run ads/sponsors. Being a solo developer myself I respect the huge effort you put into this. You got lots of talent!

This reminds me of Super Bomb Survival and Lab Experiment.

hope to see this game become popular!!! it’s really cool lookin’!!

I don’t have time to try out this gaem right now, but just from looking at the pictures, this looks like it might be the highest quality Roblox gaem I’ve seen in a while. The thumbnails are amazing, the UI looks great, opening the crates reminds me of Brawl Stars (any chance you were inspired by that?). I will definitely have to try this gaem out sometime soon. :grin:

Did I overdo it with the “gaem” thing? :thinking:

Looks sick! You should advertise it on TikTok, there’s a large amount of people always looking for fun games like these.

Lol yeah, thanks for your review

That’s the plan! I have to be strategic with it though. I’ve been running tests advertisements and sponsors recently and it’s been quite hard to tell if they were effective.

They’re very different games. No competition is necessary really.

Thank you for your review! It wasn’t easy that’s for sure :sweat_smile:

That’s a big compliment, I appreciate you friend!

Thank you! I’ve been looking for different ways to advertise my game, just in case sponsors or ads fail (i’ve spent about ~1500 testing them)


Wonder if it will have micro transactions…

I don’t have anything more to add taht others haven’t said, the only thing I wanted to say is that at first I thought gaem was a typo :rofl::rofl::rofl: and also wanted to ask, the name did you got the idea from a typo or it just came to your minnd?

I love it! It’s obvious a lot of care went into this game, and the models, everything, its amazing!

How do you play it? It looks cool but I do not understand anything.


Really nice game. I liked the GUI and the quality of the designs!

Wow. Everything about this game feels so polished and the fact that it was all made by a single person adds another layer of appreciation. I love the building and modelling. It’s simple and has a nostalgic feel to it but it feels extremely alive. The UI and UI animations are absolutely insane. Everything about it is extremely satisfying and keeps that simple but alive feeling to it. I also appreciate all of the very minor details such as the difficulty rating, the kings idle animation, the old walking and jumping sounds, the music change when you open the shop and the back rooms that I won’t spoil how I found.

I can’t find anything to actually complain about so I’m just gonna be as picky as possible.

  • Add some more music, the same song over and over again can become annoying and cause players to leave

  • Not sure what this thing is at the start of the game, I know it can also be forest as I’ve seen it before. Maybe briefly explain what that is somewhere around the UI?

  • Show which players voted on what map. Maybe you can show their player icon around the map they voted for when they initially press the button to signal that they voted for this map.

If there’s any suggestion I have for you that you should actually take seriously, it’s to market this game on 3rd party platforms such as TikTok. As I’ve recently found out, sponsors and ads have become basically useless when it comes to initially launching your game. All it takes is 1 viral video and your game can blow up. Compared to sponsors and ads where you can put hundreds of dollars into them and may only peak at 100 active players. Also, email any YouTubers you can and ask them to play your game, they are the best form of advertising as they properly show off how to play the game and their viewers will be influenced to play the game. A single video that gets 100k views in one day can easily skyrocket your game to 300 active players.

I’m really excited to see this game release, I’ll definitely be following it’s development from now on!

those are modifiers! You’re right; i should add a label.

Thanks for reviewing!

You’re right. Dumping a bit of money on ads was not a good idea. I’ll definitely see what I can do — i’ve been struggling to get the game afloat since beta.

me and my friends were playing this for about an hour since it’s quite a good game. but on xbox, there is a small bug you might want to fix where it says on the “click anywhere to exit” menu after games, it doesn’t go away because there is no xbox button to get rid of it.

Fixed this. Thanks for telling me!

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