Hi Im New! I need Feedback!

I’m new to the Developer Forum, Is there anything I should know?
Hopefully I can get some Helpful Comments so I can Get to Know the Community, and Possibly later in Future I Can Get help With creating Games!


Yeah just read this guide (it was literally a pinned post!), and the rules.


Hello there, and welcome to the forums!

Alright, you should maybe know about the rules and guidelines on the forums, since that is a major role in the community.

Guidelines here!
Rules here!

If you want to read about some resources or maybe go for a tutorial, you can check them out in the tutorial and resource pages!

Tutorial and Resource here!

If you want to see announcements on new staff members or especially updates, check the announcements.

Updates here!

Have a great time on the forums! :wave:


The most important links have already been sent, so check out this: How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum

Please note to update your profile picture or name on the DevForums requires you to log out and in again.

Just that this has been asked many of times by newer Members.


Some very useful things I wish someone had told me earlier:

  • Watch your tongue. I’m still struggling with this, but it’ll really help, especially as the forum isn’t the most… magnanimous.
  • Reply to the right person.
  • Edit your posts instead of making multiple. (Also still struggling with this.)
  • Read on how to use Markdown to make your posts more appealing. Admittedly I still need to read this and I’ll probably do it later.
  • Quote people. A very useful feature.

The last tip I’ll give you is to try to be less insecure and be more brave. You don’t need to seek other’s approval. I’m struggling with this real bad.

Good luck on the high seas.

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This is the search bar, use it before making any posts.

What should new members know? This is a useful thread about what new members should know

My personal mistake as a new member was not taking the rules seriously enough, I recommend you read them a few times and familiarise yourself with the fact this Is a professional forum and you will be swiftly removed if you don’t follow them.

Oh, also avoid making replies #collaboration its a very aggressive catagory In general and its easy to get into arguments, And don’t trust anything less then a few days old in #resources since its basically the toolbox at this point and may contain models with viruses .

As @Macawmangrovve12 stated, and I really like this point be brave. A lot of members break a rule once, get a strike, or get into an argument then get too afraid to express their opinions and be bold in posts, so long as you are expressing your views respectfully then people won’t tend to have problems with your posts.


Me too! i hope you have a nice stay here at the Developer forum