Hide inventory on profile


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to hide your inventory on your profile. Instead of going down the road of hiding or deleting assets, I think it would work to simply remove public access to one’s assets. In Settings under Privacy, there should be an option to either limit access of an inventory to trusted individuals or to hide it altogether. The site should additionally omit results of your assets from searching your username in the Library.

I’m currently dealing with a situation where people are stealing my assets and their main retort is that “anyone can go to your inventory and take stuff, it’s all free when you upload it to Roblox”. I really think Roblox makes it too easy for people to take Decals, and the critical Mesh downloading issue is still unresolved.

If Roblox’s own inventory is hidden, I believe we should be able to hide ours’.

Remove "Show unavailable items" From Library
Remove "Show unavailable items" From Library


Much support.

I hate it when people stalk what’s in my inventory like my models and decals, meshes, etc.


I did address that.


I’m glad we have the ability to hide our inventory on our profiles, but users are still able to search up assets by your name, as I had anticipated. Any chance Roblox will look into that eventually?


We are always looking for ways to improve the privacy of our users. We have plans in the future to make this more difficult.


Today I see that the setting to search assets off-sale (not marked as Free to Take) has been replaced by the “Free” filter, so I ought to think that this is Roblox’s fix for the reverse-searching backdoor. Everything in this Feature Request has been covered. :grinning:

Thank you guys for looking into these features. It may not be impossible to steal assets through games, but at least it’s no longer a convenience for thieves.


Whaaat?? Did they really? I use that filter more than I normally search the catalog. >:(


Will there ever be a way to have your catalog inventory (Accessories, gears, faces) visible but not your library inventory (decals, models, audio)?

If I want to hide my library assets, I have to hide my catalog items

this is a problem because:

  • I am not able to trade if my inventory is hidden, so currently I have to decide between trading (which I do on a daily-basis) or hiding my library assets

currently the option of trading outweighs the former for me personally, so while I love this feature request of being able to hide my user generated content.

it has made trading overall more difficult because

  • games like Trade Hangout cannot load inventories if users have their inventory hidden
  • some google chrome extensions have lost functionality (Seeing how many owners an limited has, user’s total RAP, etc) affecting values of limited items because of inaccurate owner counts.
    -Easier to hide limiteds and/or their origin (good or bad depending you who ask, it promotes hoarding, makes it harder to track potentially ‘dirty’ limiteds)