***High DAUs but Low KPIs?*** We'll invest or acquire! (cash USD)

Hi cool Robloxians - we’re a start-up studio looking to invest in or acquire games that have strong communities but weak businesses, and yes, we have $USD to invest, and not just hundreds of dollars like a lot of smaller companies, but real money where the deal is right.

  • Our team is experts at in-game monetization techniques using live operations analysis and product management to optimize retention and revenue per player to its max potential
  • We focus on maximizing fun and engagement for the players who have Robux to spend, while making sure free players keep coming back to maintain the community
  • These practices are taken from top gaming studios that we have worked at including Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Zynga
  • Also, we are deeply experienced and connected in IP and franchise creation, growing game story worlds and toy sales potential.

We are here to set usage, revenue, and fun records using game science and magic - we’re looking for the right partners to invest in.

Please contact here or on Discord at joesefez#3706. Serious inquiries only: Please let us know who you are and what game you are interested in growing or selling with a link. Don’t waste our time, we won’t waste yours :slight_smile:

We’re straight shooters, good people, the real deal. References within the Roblox community available upon request. Thank you - Joesefez


Just a quick question, most games that are profitable make around an ARPU of 200. How capable are you of increasing revenue from these kinds of games when your example only shows an increase from .3 to 2.


That’s session ARPU… Not monthly ARPU. Every session we raised average across all players (payers and non-payers) to R$2 from R$0.3. Is that helpful?

I just checked the data, and this is false. Anything above 1.50R$ should be considered great. Perhaps you are thinking of ARRPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User), as about 200R$ would be good there.


And I oop, I was looking at ARPPU


This is super interesting! I don’t really have any games like those you’re looking for, but seems like a great opportunity from what I can tell, definitely worth looking into if you have any games like this imo

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I am interested in working with you, I added you on discord! Our game is very unique but we would like someone to lead us in the right direction!

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I have added you on discord. Ignore the new account, wanted rebranding - game is located on an entirely separate account, this acc mostly for testing purposes.

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Just curious, would you consider working with anybody to make a game instead of working on preexisting games?

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