High ping across all Roblox Experiences

Reproduction Steps
My system information can be found below:
Intel Core i5-10400 @ 2.90 GHz
RTX 2070
Windows-10 64 bit operating system

This issue is occurring across all ROBLOX experiences that I play.

Expected Behavior
I am expecting to be able to run all Roblox experiences with little to none performance or networking issues. I don’t experience this issue when running ROBLOX studio or other gaming platforms such as Steam.

Actual Behavior
I experience very high pings above 1000 ms, this has caused drastic performance loss and has made it very difficult if not impossible to play on ROBLOX.

Below is a screenshot from the Performance monitor:

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Performance
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-06-16 00:06:00 (-04:00)


Hm, I can’t seem to reproduce.


What have you tried so far?


Open up windows command prompt and run ping roblox.comand check how long it takes for your computer to reach roblox’s website.


Experiencing the same issue, glad that I’m not the only one.


Try running a internet test, or running ping roblox.com in cmmd prompt. I’ve had no problems with high/unusual ping for the last few days.


There appears to be no issues with pinging the ROBLOX website:

Again this issue is primarily occurring with the Roblox client, not the website itself.


I also started getting over 1,000 ping and it’s unplayable. I tested my internet connection and everything runs smoothly except Roblox client. This happens in all Roblox experiences/games.

Proof: (Tested on Tower Defense Simulator)


It actually happens to me too. Usually when someone joins the server, and a bit rarely when someone leaves the server.


The reason you don’t experience this issue in Roblox studio is due to the studio test servers being hosted on your local network. The reason for you not experiencing this on other gaming platforms is most likely due to your connection being blocked/intercepted/delayed to the Roblox servers in specific.

Check your firewall settings on Windows and check your ping to the Roblox servers directly. There is a chance you are being placed in servers that are very far away from where you live or your connection is (as I said above) being blocked/intercepted/delayed. I cannot seem to replicate this whatsoever as I am 200 ping in most Roblox games due to me living so far from the servers. Hopefully you can find the issue that’s causing this and that this isn’t a Roblox server-based issue.


Same thing, I got 700-1000 ms ping and my internet work fine and everything runs smoothly except Roblox Client.
I tried this and don’t working:
Restart the router
Restart my phone
Reset the router
Update the router’s flimware


No joke, this used to be a problem for me.
I once got 694828509ms.

Now, I tested it in multiple games, could not reproduce.

Try resetting your IP or router? maybe modem?


Update: Resolved, I Got 90-200 ms Ping, The ping Problem is fixed after the Roblox Down


Sep 2021 Update: I just got ~1500 ping in almost all Roblox game, but some servers have 90-100 ping, my internet is good, everything are working fine except Roblox.


I’ve been experiencing this too. The only thing open is Roblox, I’m on a baseplate with two other people, graphics are at the lowest and I’m getting an average of about 200 ping. This is only happening on Roblox.


Most tellingly, I get 80-100ms lag when playing locally in Studio. Should be 1ms.


Can confirm with Bloxy Kart

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I’m actually a firm believer that studio should have replication time set to 0.1 or 200ms. You can set this property in studio right now, but it should be the default.

This means, everyone builds a Roblox game with network ops in mind.


Roblox currently measures 2 different notions of ping:

  1. an estimation of how long it takes for data to go over the network to the server and come back
  2. an estimation of how long it takes for a message from the engine to be propagated to the other side and a response propagated back (you could think of this roughly as how long a trivial RemoteFunction invocation should take to go out and come back)

The number we primarily show is the second notion of ping. This is what shows up in the dev console and shift-f3 hud. We also have a way of showing the first notion of ping: while the shift-f3 hud is up, press shift-1:

this will show a window on the bottom right titled “RakNet”. In this screenshot we see 0 “RakNet” ping in studio, but 51ms of “RemoteFunction” ping. We primarily show this “RemoteFunction” ping because it reflects closer to what the user is experiencing.

This kind of ping ends up with additional contributing factors that may not be captured e.g. in an internet speed test (for example, if you are trying to contact a game server running at 16ms/frame, then the “RemoteFunction” ping is going to be network travel time + 16ms of server frame processing time).

Clearly server processing time is not the only contributor to the difference. There are other factors in addition to server processing time, but server processing is the most clear & easiest to understand example of a difference between the two notions of ping.

We think that the “RemoteFunction” ping today is higher than it could be, that there is room to make it closer to the raw “RakNet” ping. Improving it is in our backlogs, but there is not yet a definite timeline for when we would investigate further/ship improvements to it.


Thanks for the context, that’s helpful.

In my game I use RemoteFunctions and RemoteEvents to do all the signaling between clients and the server for all important game actions. My current game isn’t super twitchy, but for twitchy games, that extra 100ms is going to make controls feel mushy and makes AAA interaction impossible (When I play PUBG or TF2 my ping is on the order of 20-50ms).

My only point is that this is a thing that sounds a little arcane, but might be really important for improving game quality across the board.

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Yeah that makes sense. I didn’t know it was intentional.