High quality House build showcase. My 3rd House!

Hello there! I am back with another build in case you have seen my previous builds, I ain’t sure of that as posts are being posted pretty often around here.

This is my third house build ever! This project took me almost a week or so, with little breaks here and there, I must say I’m pretty proud of it, but I’d like to see what your opinion on it is too, whether you like it or not and what could’ve been done better, any kind of feedback is welcomed! More images down below :

  • Front view :

  • Left Side view :

  • Back view :

  • Right Side view :

  • Close-up extras :

Oh yes! There’s an inside too, all planned with walls and rooms and such, only it ain’t furnished (for reasonable reasons :wink: ) . Here’s the F1 plan !


W.IC - walk in closet
Bdr. - bedroom

  • Floor 1 contains :

A total of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, pantry, walk in closet, dining room and a large garage .

The second floor has a pretty spaced inside as well, but as well as the first floor, only it ain’t furnished. It can easily be filled up with whatever you want.

I appreciate you a lot for reading this post until here, I think I make my posts a little too long…That’s because I enjoy making them as detailed as possible, but then I forget to think about that whoever reads this won’t get bored haha. Tell me what do you think regarding that too if you got some time to spare on ya, thanks. :+1:

Have a great day !


I love it! This is truly amazing! However, in the first shot some window frames seem to be missing, sorry if that’s intentional!


I wish I could live in that house HOLY MACROLE


This is absolutely stunning. Is this for a game?


Thank you very much for your feedback !Nope !Not for a game, just for fun, mostly future part of my portfolio !

Thank you dude haha, I wish I could turn builds into reality too . Thanks for your feedback :wink:

Everything seems pretty well made, except for the flowers btw, but good job on the details. They’re really up to their pace. Good job👍


Thank you so much !I really put effort into it, I’m not sure what you mean by window frames missing though ?

I mean this:

Sorry if that’s intentional!

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Oh oh ! Yeah ! That’s intentional, I thought it looks pretty cool :man_shrugging:

Wow! That house is amazing! Probably the best one I have seen anyone build!

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That’s really nice of you !Thank you !I put lots of effort into it ! Really appreciate it !

Thank you man, really tried my best here. Oh about the flowers, well I kind of intended to make them look simple ! Just a part and a little colored ball I thought that’s enough but I agree I could’ve detail them some more !Thanks for your feedback!

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Might replace the low-poly trees and plants soon with realistic ones as the build itself is realistic I thought realistic natural design would fit better…