High Seas | Skull Island (Build)

Hey all,

@Infinite_Visions here. I am working on my game High Seas (the latest Devlog can be found here). The map is pretty large :sweat_smile:

My newest addition, Skull Island, is a mysterious grave. Nobody knows who made it, or what lays beneath it’s rocky outside. . .

I’d like feedback on my builds - is it creative, fine looking, and interesting? Thank you!

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My last building post (Sandy Shafts build): High Seas | Sandy Shafts (Abandoned Mine Build) - #2 by Infinite_Visions


Maybe hide the back of the island as it looks kind of weird.

I think that’s a great idea, it looks a bit too similar to a giant slug.

How about… Adding more materials… Like Lava for example


That’s a great idea, thank you for the feedback. I tried to keep it simplistic (as you wouldn’t normally find lava in the ocean), but that would look splendid. I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

make it horizontal, so when you look into the map it appears as a skull shape
i guess?

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The minimap and the physical map are actually two separate things. I’ll have a skull appear on the minimap. Thanks for your feedback!

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