High Seas | Sandy Shafts (Abandoned Mine Build)

Hey all,

@Infinite_Visions here. I am working on my game High Seas (the latest Devlog can be found here). I’m not a great builder - I don’t pretend to be. However, the map needs to be build, and that task falls on me.

The map is essential to a good game. As such, I’ve been working on improving it/making it exciting, large, and full of things to explore.

My newest addition, Sandy Shafts, is a mined out volcano, with twisting passageways, treacherous drops, and speeding minecarts.

I’d like feedback on my builds - is it creative, fine looking, and interesting? Thank you!

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I’ve updated the build a little bit. I’ll be adding other areas, and rocking out this map. Any ideas for future builds/islands? My current ideas:

  • Abandoned Military Fort
  • Temple Ruins
  • Skull-shaped island
  • Huge Castle
  • Cannibal Island/Village
  • Ship Graveyard
  • Coral Reef
  • Arctic Wasteland

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Finished :yum:

This took about half an hour to complete.

Try removing the overlay of the sand and rock bits.

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What exactly do you mean by this? Thank you for the feedback, it is always appreciated :grin:

These parts. image
The auto-generated terrain also looks a bit basic!

I’ll do my best to improve, thank you !