Higher quality images on the website

When I look around the Roblox website, I see a lot of talent in terms of graphic development, however, I feel that we are extremely limited in these terms because Roblox restricts the resolution we are allowed to upload. I wouldn’t really consider myself a graphics designer, however, I do create a lot of work in 4K resolution and I know a lot of other people who do as well.

On a daily basis I recognize;

group logos
game thumbnails

that are limited in terms of their potential because the resolution is automatically compromised on upload. I realize there would be obstacles in changing this but I am confident it would bring a lot to the game by changing this. It would refine the website as well as make a lot of things easier to read and overall more professional. I would extend this to in-game decals but I realize that would be a large amount of extra effort as well.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it greatly. I’ve noticed this for a while and wanted to bring it up to the community to see their thoughts on it.

Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about:


We have suggested SVG files aswell, but non from roblox’s team replied to that.



Support, they should do this


They really need to raise the t-shirt resolution, it’s capped at something like 128x128 pixels!!

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I agree that we should have higher res images. Keep in mind though, ROBLOX is a business. I don’t know in depth on how our uploaded GFX are stored, but in theory, they pay for the amount of data they use. The more GB, TB, or most likely PB they use, the more they pay whoever stores the data. Or they have to pay more for physical drives. That’s why I suggested SVG files a while back, as they could pheasibly read the data and display it server side without having massive stores of data.

If they allowed higher res, I’d be very happy…my 8k Fan Art won’t even store on DeviantArt XD

Just want to make sure this isn’t forgotten.

I fully support of higher resolution images on the site. Considering all of my art is vector based graphics.

Maybe not vectors, but i’m sure there must be a way to compress these images to a similar size yet still have a higher resolution.