Highlight display priority

As a developer I want easier control over highlights.

Only a certain number of highlights render at a time. Managing this is always super annoying and usually requires something custom for your use case.

Would much rather be able to set a number and have that determine which highlights get displayed up until the limit is reached.


You can change the transparency of the highlights that you do not want to be shown like:

local Highlights = 0
local HighlightsMax = 10
for i,v in workspace:GetDescendants() do
    if v:IsA("Highlight") do
        if not Highlights >= HighlightsMax then
            Highlights += 1
            v.OutlineTransparency = 1
            -- Sorry I forgot the other property 🤧

You can change the code as much as you want. I hope this helped you! :+1: :happy1:

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All Highlights inside the storages also count for the limit, it isn’t only the workspace.

Also changing the transparency or even enable / disable them don’t fix anything, only the first 31 Highlights are working, and all other are ignored no matter which change you do on the working one, unless you’re destroying them.

It would be cool if Roblox add a Distance property to Highlights, or something to make it show the 31 closest Highlights from camera or character instead of the first 31 Highlights objects found in total… also only count them inside workspace and not inside storages.

No? It’s only the ones being rendered in workspace that account for the limit?

Nop, i tried it before replying, all Highlights inside the replicated storage also count for the limit.