Highlight fill is not displaying properly on mobile

Highlight fill is not displaying properly on mobile devices. The depth mode property is set to occluded and it is being obstructed by its own adornee:

Reproduction steps:
Repro.rbxl (53.5 KB)

  1. Publish this place to roblox
  2. Play the experience on mobile
  3. Move camera around

Expected behavior

It should look like this, as it does on PC:


If you didn’t know highlight doesn’t work at all on mobile, tried using it many years ago

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Lol, the outline is hidden on mobile but the fill option is used. I am very aware of what I am doing :rofl:
Images were taken from my iphone 11

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I just experienced a similar issue; it seems to be flickering.


Video Of It Happening:


Hey everyone, we’ve contacted the proper teams internally. They should have more info shortly.


We are currently focusing our attention on the Highlights feature. Our team has carefully reviewed all the feedback and reported bugs concerning this feature. We are in the process of evaluating which issues can be feasibly addressed in the short term.


Hey! Thank you for the update. Let us know if your team needs anything! :smile:

As outlined in the Highlight documentation, which we acknowledge could be more explicit, mobile devices currently only support the Fill component of the Highlight effect, excluding the Outline. This is a result of limitations imposed by mobile GPU performance. Our team is actively researching and working on a new implementation that aims to include Outline support on mobile devices.


I have noticed that the highlight outline effect now shows for games that uses it on Mobile. The warning on the documentation that Mobile devices don’t support highlight outline effect is gone too. So I assume this has officially rolled out for Mobile.