HipHeight changing on characters with custom scaling?

Let me preface this:

I have a place file that’s just an empty baseplate with a metric ton of character skins I’m using for my game
A good amount of the have custom scaling, some a bit smaller and some a bit larger
I have specifically set the hipheight of all of them
When I’m done with them I just ctrl+A the lot and paste them into the main place file

Sometimes when I save, quit, and reload the skin place file the hipheight has changed DRAMATICALLY
I mean from 1.35 to like 5+, and .4 for smaller characters
But ONLY on characters with custom scaling

Am I doing something wrong here


Yeah, I mentioned this to @TheGamer101 last year, but it was near the code freeze so it faded into obscurity.


I’m having this issue as of now. Any news? Whenever I load my place my NPCs with custom scaling the HipHeight keep changing. I think I can solve it by changing the scale AFTER the game loads instead of pre-scaling it in the studio. Still, I don’t think it should work like that.


Still happens

Please follow the step here to provide enough information so we can reproduce the issue:

  • Enter play solo
  • Copy character
  • Paste into Edit mode
  • Observe HipHeight
  • Repeat 10 times:
    • Cut character
    • Paste character
  • Observe HipHeight

Expected behavior: Final HipHeight = start HipHeight

Actual behavior: Final HipHeight > start HipHeight (Up to 2.6 from 1.4)

I’m still not able to reproduce any changes.

What platform are you using? What OS version?

Can you provide a place that has the character that is changing? Perhaps its something specific to a certain package or character model.

Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v 1709 build 16299.371

Repro file: Repro.rbxl (39.8 KB)

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Thank you. I’ve been able to reproduce the problem with this place. I’ll look into what’s causing it.


On second review, I don’t think I’m seeing what you described. If I set the HipHeight on the model to 1.35 and cut and paste it back into the same file, the HipHeight does get adjusted to 1.418, but that is correct height for characters that are scaled to 1.05 height, which this character is.

Currently, when you adjust the scaling values of a Humanoid, it will recalculate the hip height based on those new scales to keep the avatar’s feet on the ground. Perhaps that is what people are seeing?

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humanoid hipheight scaling.rbxl (38.6 KB)

take a standard r15 character
set scaling to 1.1, observe hipheight (should be around 1.5)
save, close place
open place, observe hipheight
should be slightly bigger (around 1.7)
any subsequent save+reload of the place, the hipheight will get bigger

Avatar scales are staying constant but HipHeight continually increases for me. Note that character has to be re-cut each time it’s pasted. Starts off at 1.56, and ends at 3.4:


Well, i found out why I couldn’t repro the problem. I had some new scaling code enabled on my local build. Once I disabled that, I was able to see what you described. So, good news. We’ll be enabling these new features soon and that will make your HipHeights consistent and constant.