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Hey, my name is ItsKolapo and I’m a programmer working on an upcoming scifi city. I’m looking for a builder to join me in making this project possible. I’m looking for someone who will be dedicated to this project, because it requires a lot of work.

I need a scifi city made that includes a border processing area, around 20 buildings with interiors, and another 30 buildings with only exteriors. I have a layout for the builder to begin working from. I also have examples of the scifi style I want the city built in. I am looking for someone that will be dedicated to this project.

I’m offering 100k robux via group payout.

Contact Me
I prefer being contacted via discord: ItsKolapo#5106


You should read the whole post before offering your services. He doesn’t need a GFX artist.


I don’t think the price attached is reasonable for the size you want this city to be.

A total of 50 buildings (20 interior and 30 exterior (all different) and an entire city border is a few months of work for most people.

The equivalence in USD is $350.
This is way below minimum wage (not calculating)
But besides that I personally wouldn’t dedicate that much time for that amount of money.

Try to be a little more reasonable with the payout or offer a percentage as well.

Also, what is the time frame you need this built in?
Can you show concept images on the DevForum?


Sent you a friend request in discord : Awesome_Playz123#7807

You keep advertising yourself everywhere. Stop it, want to get hired? Make a portfolio and advertise your works and everything there.


It would be easier for us developers to know what exactly you need if you add a reference of the style and the level of detail you need in an image (or more).

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I think I might be interested in this, but some reference images and a time-frame would be good just so that I know what I’m working with and that I don’t get faced with any surprises along the road.

Like @Axcerious said, you might want to offer slightly more depending on the complexity and size of the map, as well as within those 20 interior rooms you require any props or furniture assets.

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Hello, I will be happy to do it - May you accept my discord FR.

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Hello! I’d love to help you out. I sent you a Friend Request on Discord (zk_Maxx#1335).

Seems a lot but I sent you a friend request on discord

The second and third screenshots are not yours, they are from The Grand Crossing.

I believe he was just showing reference images on what he wanted it to look like or similar too. He did not ever claim they were his.

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What is your discord I wasn’t able to find the friend request.

My discord is GOD#0841 You should be able to find it

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