Hiring a scripter for animated weapons!

About Us

Uleran Development is a group of developers dedicated to creating a medieval genre focused around the fantasy world of Uleran. We are looking to hire an enthusiastic team member, dedicated to creating an exceptional final product, who is punctual, and on time!

The Team
The team consists of @TommyTrujieli and @KnightBanneret spearheading the project, with numerous builders, modelers, graphic artists, and other team members contributing.

You can see some of our previous work below (on the group page), and if you’re interested join one of the factions within Uleran, the Kingdom of Galerith

About The Job

Uleran Development is looking to hire a professional scripter / animator to create an R15 directional combat system, including functional horses and horse combat, projectile weapons, armor, stamina system, melee weapons, and more.

Applicants should provide past work, including portfolios, links to their Roblox creations, etc.

All assets such as weapons, horses, etc, will be provided by us. We are only looking for a scripter / animator

  • Directional combat where players can attack, and block in four directions. Up, down, left, and right. (Should be comparable to the Mount and Blade combat system, shown in this video.)

  • Functional shields which can block against melee attacks and projectiles. Health system where if a shield takes to many attacks it will break.

  • Tiered armor system ranging from light, to medium, to heavy. Light will provide no bonuses. Medium will give a health bonus but reduce walkspeed. Heavy will provide a further health bonus but reduce walkspeed more than medium. Certain weapons will deal more damage against armor types, detailed below.

  • Mounted combat allowing for players to ride horseback who can attack other players on horseback, or the ground, with spears and one handed weapons. Also horse armor which functions like player armor.

  • One handed weapons which can be utilized with shields, and two handed weapons which can not be used by shields, but provide more damage.

  • Melee weapon types which counter armor. Swords would be more damaging to lightly armored or medium armored opponents. Axes which would damage shields faster than other weapons. Blunt weapons which would be more effective against heavily armored opponents. Spears and polearms which would give players longer reach against horses, or opponents on foot.

  • Ranged weapon types. Short bows which have less distance and damage, but which draw back quicker. Long bows which take longer to draw back, but have longer distance and damage. Bows should also be able to be undrawn, allowing for the arrow to return to the quiver. Crossbows, which allow for users to preload, then move around. All ranged weapons will require ammunition, which will be stored in a quiver on a players character, and can be refilled at reload stations. Moving while shooting should also result in less accuracy, and players should not be able to jump while shooting. We have an example of past tech we have commissioned which could be referenced.

  • Stamina system where players deplete stamina by jumping, or sprinting, and which replenishes over time. Should include a UI bar showing the players stamina. Armor type should also reduce stamina at a faster rate, with light not effecting it, medium slightly effecting it, and heavy effecting it more.

  • All aspects of the weapons, armor, horses, and stamina should be modular, allowing for us to create different variations, as well as edit the various variables of the assets such as speed, damage, reload times, etc.

A solid product will result in future work for the hired individual, including upkeep, and future scripting needs from the Uleran Team. We look forward to working with you!


Payment is preferred in ROBUX, however USD is also acceptable.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or through discord.

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