Hiring an Animator and a Scripter To Make Characters! [2D Platformer]

About the game :video_game:
Hey there! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making models in ROBLOX Studio of Low Poly Weapons and Characters. Over that period, I watched a couple of videos on games related to platformers (Specifically 2D Platformers) and it inspired me to make my platformer. The game will be called BlockyRun and will be a fast-paced 2D Platformer involving strategy and memorization. If you want to know more about me, check out my portfolio here (Not Updated) [Not For Hire ATM] Want to Collaborate? (Experienced Low Poly Builder)

Game’s Style :night_with_stars:
The game’s building style will be a Low-Poly Cartoonish style. That means as an animator, try to make cartoony but fast-paced animations.

ScreenShots of Weapons and Characters you will work with:
Main Character:

Enemies (Goomba type thing):

Tron like Disc’s:

Main Gun:

Animating Job:
I’m looking for a professional animator that has at least 1yr+ experience or enough skill. I’m hoping you can do this:
-Rig a Character Model
-Override Character Model (Tried it before, the character model got deformed, so be careful)
-Animate Idle, Walking, Running and Jumping on the Player Character, Enemy, and Small Enemy Model (Maybe like a bunny hop on the Small Enemy?)
-Animate holding weapon (gun, disc) on Player and Enemy Character
-Animate using weapon such as slashing with disc and shooting with gun
-Animate Death on Player, Enemy, and Small Enemy Character
*Subject to change during/before development

Scripting Job:
I’m looking for a professional scripter that has 1.5yrs+ of experience that can do the following.
-Working Healthbar on Player, Enemy, and Small Enemy Character
-Working weapons (Disc, Gun)
-Incode animations into Characters
-Death Screen
-Enemy Visibility (I’m behind a wall, the enemy can’t see me, I’m in front of the wall, the enemy can see me)
-Enemy AI
-Level Transitions
*Subject to change during/before development

Both for Scripter and Animator
This may be one of the toughest things for both the scripter and the animator. I’m calling it “Dash.” If you hold down F, a line pops up, showing where you are going to dash. Once you let go of F, you go flying in that direction. The more you hold down F, the stronger the dash is. While that’s happening, the game goes in slow-motion, similar to Superhot, and there is an RGB Glitch/Splitting Effect (Look it up since link is too long :frowning: ) Instead of just flying like Superman, you somersault in midair, which would look cool. This is an illustration of what the Dash would look like:

Payment :heavy_dollar_sign:
I’m not 100% sure on what exact payment should be. Payment can be discussed in discord. I might make an entry fee for this game which could get some revenue to split between. Still though, this is subject to change.

Availability :spiral_calendar:
I’m currently already hired for another position as a builder for Paradigm Games, so I might split time between work at Paradigm Games and this. I’m calling this a little side project. I do recommend working on this game at least 30min to 1hr each day that you are free.

Contact :speech_balloon:
You can contact me here on the Dev Forum, or you can contact my discord: :b:inn​:b:he​:b:rog#4532. I would recommend discord as I can get back to you sooner. You have to be 10 or older OR mature enough to work.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: :+1:

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I think yuo should higher your payment. I can probably do most of the work, but I can’t override a character model. That’s complicated and should have a high payment for an animator of such level.

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Wow intesting. i see you have many fantasy i want to work whit you i would be really happy.
i can model and script you can always contact me on dicord: LOUIS DEV#1695
Or message me back here…

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hey, I just sent you a friend request

hey i would love to animate for you friend me on discord dmommy#6651

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