Hiring Builder & UI Designer [R$100,000+]

So will we be paid after the game releases or will we be paid per asset or what?

Hello, I am a UI Designer and believe I will be able to meet your needs and criteria for your game. I have actually played your game and similar games so I know what type of UI you’re looking for.

You can view my portfolio here: devTig3r | Closed
My Discord ID is devTig3r#2580. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Also, as the post above asks, will we be paid after the game release or per asset?

Hey! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a 3D Artist on the Platform and I have seen interested on many project, this is kinda weird not gonna lie. Never saw a police officer roleplay game on the ROBLOX Platform, maybe because I’m new. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, I would like to apply if you need something from me, this is my portfolio made on Adobe Portfolio’s. I hope we get in contact soon.

Have a nice day!

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I would like to be a builder my discord is OliwierGamerYT#4637

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Hey! My name is SirAlexanderHamilton, you can call me Alex!

I’m interested in the UI Designer position, we can talk on discord! I’m interested to hear about what all you want the UIs to look like, please reply for further details.


Discord: Snaps#1024

Devforum Portfolio: [OPEN] Mashdee | UI Designer | Graphics Designer |

My discord is Hevoq#4601 I do any theme and any design. I use blender and I can do regular roblox studio. I have many map examples.
I do not have a portfolio but I can show you everything I’ve done.
I’ve worked on games like/or with Blade of Honor, Fishing Simulator, ColdDeveloper, TheLegendOfPyro, and the current one my team is working on.

Would cars need to be made too?

Please add me on discord @ Umpire#8048

Can’t wait to get in contact!

Hey there i’m interested in the UI position. Contact me on discord, Skylexion#1457

You’re paid after the game is released. If you’re interested and this doesn’t work for you, we might be able to work out something else.

Nope! We have somebody working on cars already.

I was unable to add you on discord. Are you sure the one you provided me with is correct?

I added you.

@crywink I apologize. The name is Hevoq#4610

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Would be interested in applying for the UI Designer position. Add me on discord if possible: QuaintYoungT#5110

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I’d love to work with you, maybe I can make assets. If you want the place detailed, I’m the right guy :slight_smile: . Arc#.2777

Hey I am Will!
A 16 year old builder.
My discord is: will#4070
Here is my portfolio: Updated Portfolio - BlueTheCreator
I specialize in making buildings!
Thanks for viewing me (:smiley:

@TedArthur is one of the best UI developers I personally know, I’d definitely recommend hiring him.


I can do UI design! :smiley:
I don’t have any way to get my upcoming game out there and 35k would be great for bidding on ads and a logo!


I can ui design and build @Clxzed#8551